Monday, January 17, 2011

Bacon Tips

Raise your hand if you love bacon. Me me me!
In our house bacon doesn't last too long because we love bacon.

I have found the best and healthiest way to make bacon is on a rack in the oven. Take a cookie sheet and place a metal rack on top of the cookie tray. Please make sure the cookie tray is bigger than the rack with a bit of depth to catch the grease. Otherwise, you might have a grease fire in your oven*. Place the bacon in and bake at 350 until desired doneness. This is usually about 15 minutes for us. When you take it out be very careful and remember that your cookie sheet is full of very hot bacon grease**. We save all manner of bacon grease, post on that later, but if you don't pour it into an old jar and throw it away. It will clog your drains if you try to pour it in your sink.

I like this method because I can make large batches of bacon for the whole week and it doesn't get as greasy as pan cooked bacon.

*Yes I have caught the oven on fire before. It wasn't pretty. In case you ever have a near serious grease fire keep baking soda on hand and douse liberally until fire is out. Worry about the clean up later. Never use water to douse a kitchen grease fire!

** Ouch!


  1. Just made myself some bacon this morning...but will have to try it this way for next time. Guess I just need a cookie sheet. And a rack. And what do you store your grease in and where do you keep it? So far I have just put mine in tupperware in the freezer.

  2. We save old glass jars from things like jelly or pickles. We store it in the fridge, but bacon grease lasts a long time so you can keep it on the counter too.

  3. Bippity bobbity Bacon!!!

    Great idea. Were going to try this.